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Now, you can lift it faster, safer and cheaper — anywhere! And our Portable Liftconveyors™ make it happen.

Building products that help our customers lift faster, safely and cost-effectively anywhere the job takes them doesn't happen by accident. Delivering durability, smart designs and real-world solutions is 100% intentional.

Portable Conveyors designed to meet your needs.
From lifts that deliver payloads every nine seconds and allow one person operation, to conveyors that can access hard-to-reach areas and handle bulk materials, B&W offers products designed for a wide variety of applications. 

Portable Conveyor

Great for use in tight areas, lawns and walkways.
Collapses for easy transport.
Takes less than 10 minutes to setup.

Starting At $6,086.00
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Ultra-Lite Motor Ladder

Super lightweight ladder extends to 35 feet.
Continuous drive delivers a payload every 9 seconds.
No stopping and restarting delays.

Starting At $3,200.00
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Bulk Conveyor

Expandable modular design allows lengths from 10' to 35'
Extends in 5' increments.
Ideal for demolition and construction debris.

Starting At $5,006.00
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Truck Mount Attachment with man on roof of house

Designed for use with our 35' Portable Conveyor.
Truck Attachment can be installed on any flatbed 10' or longer.

Starting At $7,031.00
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“We are using our conveyor on a job 30 miles back in the woods. We use a small generator for the power source. It does the work of three men, takes no breaks, never needs a smoke break or lunch and goes all day without complaints. The Lift Conveyor makes life a lot easier for all of us.”

— Jerry Dishion

President & CEO