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Truck Attachment

Harness the power of our 35’ Portable Conveyor, wherever the job takes you.

The Lift Conveyor Truck Mount Attachment, designed for use with our 35’ Portable Conveyor, can be installed on any flatbed truck 10’ or longer. The Truck Mount Attachment is easily transferred from one truck to another and takes approximately 15 minutes to relocate.

The Lift Conveyor Truck Mount features:

  • 360° of rotation, indexed every 30°
  • 3-­‐ton hydraulic boom jack with spring-­‐loaded valve
  • Operates at inclines up to 65°

The Lift Conveyor Truck Mount Attachment and 35’ Portable Conveyor can be purchased as a package or separately. Get your free quote today!

Ready to meet the demands each project throws your way, The Lift Conveyor Truck Mount provides benefits including:

Increased productivity

  • Skip endless trips up and down the ladder
  • Truck mounted conveyor provides greater vertical accessibility
  • Delivers payloads directly to the roof without unloading to ground level
  • No delays due to stopping and starting

Greater mobility

  • Transfer truck attachment between trucks in 15 minutes
  • Truck Mount provides 360° of rotation, indexed every 30°
  • Truck Mount operates at inclines up to 65°
  • Portable Conveyor can be easily removed as appropriate to application

Improved safety

  • Reduce the risk of worker injuries associated with heavy lifting


  • Mounts to any truck bed in minutes. Totally self contained.
  • Easily transferred between different trucks. 360' rotation with spring loaded safety brake.
  • Leveling device and spring loaded valve levers for safe operation.
  • Cost of installation usually less that $100. 
  • Head board transport bracket included.
  • Loading height a convenient 3 feet off ground or truck bed. 

Deliver more with the Truck Attachment!


All sizes

Material main structure:Powder coated steel

Max inclination: 65°

Extends behind truck bed: 3’ with mounted conveyor

Rotation: 360° manual rotation

Rotation brake: Spring-­‐loaded foot bar

Leveling devise: Manual, t-­‐handle adjustment

Headboard saddle bracket: Steel with rubber lining


Weight:350 lbs. 
Height:63” w/ mounted conveyor in transport position 
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“We are using our conveyor on a job 30 miles back in the woods. We use a small generator for the power source. It does the work of three men, takes no breaks, never needs a smoke break or lunch and goes all day without complaints. The Lift Conveyor makes life a lot easier for all of us.”

— Jerry Dishion

President & CEO