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Ultra-Lite Motor Ladder

Take payload delivery, safety, and savings to the next level.

If you’re looking for a low-­‐cost way to move material, look no further. The Motor Ladder, from B&W Manufacturing, harnesses the power of our patented continuous conveyor to deliver payloads every six seconds!

The super lightweight Motor Ladder is ideal for one person operation and offers many benefits including:

  • Increased productivity — Skip endless trips up and down the ladder and deliver a payload every six seconds. No stopping and starting delays.
  • Real-­world functionality — Ideal for roofers, carpenters, contractors and other professionals needing a more efficient way to move materials including: shingles, plywood, solar panels, tires and more
  • Improved safety — Used properly, the Motor Ladder may reduce your risk of downtime associated with ladder-­‐related injuries.
  • Greater mobility — Lightweight design makes transport on any small truck or lumber rack possible.


  • Three operational length ranges: 15’ & 21’, 18’/24’, 26’/35’
  • Ultra-­‐light weight ranging from 60 – 95 pounds • Runs on 115 volt A.C.
  • Adjustable roof stand included
  • Slide Panels (optional) for lifting bags, firewood, boxes, etc.
  • Wireless control (optional)

Start doing more with The Motor Ladder!


All sizes

Material main structure:Aluminum
Belt rollers:UHMW Plastic
Motor:115 volt motor, 3/4 hp., A.C. single phase forward and reverse, 40 lbs.
Max Amp. draw:38 Amp
Transmission:Speed reducer 30:1 mounted on motor
Belt cleats:T-6 aluminum cleat
Cleat height:3"


Extension ladder: Aluminum

Operating lengths*: 15´ & 18´, 21´ & 24´, 26´ & 35´

Transport length: 14´, 16´ and 20´

Weight: 60 to 95 lbs.

Distance between belts: 11”

* Ladders can be operated at two different lengths. Extension belt included.

Optional Equipment

Wireless remote on/off control (optional)

Slide Panels (optional)


Conveyor size:24' conveyor35' conveyor
Weight:75 lbs.95 lbs.
Transport length:16'20'
Extended length:21' & 24'26' & 35'

Warranty:One year limited warranty.

Watch This Video

“We are using our conveyor on a job 30 miles back in the woods. We use a small generator for the power source. It does the work of three men, takes no breaks, never needs a smoke break or lunch and goes all day without complaints. The Lift Conveyor makes life a lot easier for all of us.”

— Jerry Dishion

President & CEO